Mary Ehret

ALS client

Bridging voices has given me back a function that I thought was gone forever. I was diagnosed with ALS in June of 2020. Later, I lost my voice. I was paralyzed. Communication was  using a letter board and eye gestures. My world had narrowed.

My doctor at the ALS center of Mount Sinai referred me to Bridging Voices. Deb is wonderful and all of the team members that I have met are caring and compassionate.  They have worked with me to get a loaner eye gaze device for communication. Deb has continued to assist me in gaining proficiency and using the system. As well as was working with my insurance company to obtain approval to get my own device. 

Overall, I have had an outstanding experience with everyone at Bridging Voices. I have gained control of my ability to communicate and it has given me a new world view. Without Deb, Bridging Voices, and their never ending help I would not have been able to write this message. Thank you for all you do. 

Mary Ehret, Ms, Rn.

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