Nelson Colon

ALS patient

When I was diagnosed with ALS I never thought I would be losing my voice, now I am and it’s hard to communicate and sometimes it’s frustrating. Now I’m also losing my ability to write and type. I feel left out when trying to keep in touch with people. My ALS clinic advised me that I should look into an eye gaze computer. They set up an appointment to meet Debra from Bridging Voice, she showed me different types of eye gaze computers and I chose one to my liking. They let me borrow a loner, I am surprised at how much easier my life is since this computer, I’m now texting and talking, I’m changing the channel on my TV, and going online with it. I know that Debra and those at Bridging Voice are only a phone call away if I need help. I’m grateful to Debra and Bridging Voice for making this possible.

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