Pauline (ALS patient)

Mother of 2 children age 4 and 5

Bridging Voice is an amazing organization that has been so supportive and caring about my needs.  Nachum and Debra have helped me to become more comfortable with my WinSlate as a new user.  During a home visit they were able to help me access my television, email and phone easily.  They also gave me fun ideas on how to use the computer to play and interact with my four and five year old children.  I’m now able to tell them to clean up their toys in all different types of voices until they listen!  During remote sessions, they have been wonderful at resolving technical issues and have helped to customize my machine to make it easier for me to use.  I’m so thankful for Bridging Voice and I’m confident that they will be there for me whenever my needs change.

Location: Bronx, NY

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