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Mission & Vision

WE BELIEVE the ability to connect and communicate with family, friends, and the broader world is a critical component of the human experience. No diagnosis should be allowed to rob an individual of this possibility.

OUR MISSION is to enable and empower people with neurodegenerative disorders to communicate by removing the barriers between them and assistive technology.

The Challenge

In the United States there are over a million people struggling from the impact of neurodegenerative diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple system atrophy (MSA), muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and others.

These diseases can leave a person’s cognition intact while destroying their ability to move and communicate. Without assistive technology these individuals are left unable to express even their most basic needs.

Assistive technologies can help. These technologies can be very effective in restoring a person’s ability to communicate, but there are gaps that prevent these services from being successfully deployed:

Lack of knowledge about available technologies, funding sources, and low cost options
The process of accessing & ordering these technologies is overly complicated
Inadequate support and training exists to help individuals and their families successfully use these technologies
Few opportunities for individuals with disabilities to receive customization that addresses their individual needs
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Bridging Voice assists people with neurodegenerative diseases with their computer access and communication technology needs at every juncture. We educate clients, their families and health practitioners on available communication options, streamline the process of accessing special technologies, and provide ongoing support, training, and customization to maximize every client’s quality of life. Through a range of personalized services, we help lift the technology burden off their shoulders.

Check out these videos to learn more about how we’re helping ALS clients and their families.

Our Partners

Programs & Services


We support clients remotely in their homes to determine the best technology for their needs and desires. This process is highly collaborative and ongoing.


We guide the individual in obtaining the technology, providing free evaluations with a certified speech-language pathologist. We also educate our clients about low-cost options.


We provide ongoing training in technology use, helping clients get the most out of their cutting edge devices.

Customized Solutions

We make sure the technology is working for our client, and we use innovative approaches to adapt to the client's needs.

Ongoing Technology Support

We update and fix the technology remotely, ensuring that the device is always providing safe communication options for our clients.



We are committed to leveraging new technology and creating innovative solutions whenever needed. We lead with optimism, believing that there is always a way to make life better for our clients.

Our Team

Debra J Zeitlin

Clinical Director

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Karina Nagin

Executive Director

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Nachum Lehman

Founder & Technical Director

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Eddy Ehrlich

Assistive Technology Specialist

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Trinity Deibert

AAC Specialist

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Annie Roche

Associate AAC Specialist

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Our Board

Peter Bloom

Board Chair

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Yehuda Neuberger

Board Vice Chair

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Hilda Applbaum

Board Member

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Nomi Bergman

Board Member

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Justin Ginsburgh

Board Member

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Contact Details

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Mailing Address: 2132 84th St, Brooklyn NY 11214