Who we are

We Believe

Connecting and communicating with family, friends, and the broader world is a critical component of the human experience. No diagnosis should be allowed to rob an individual of this possibility.

Our Mission

We enable and empower people with neurodegenerative disorders to communicate by removing the barriers between them and assistive technology.

Our team

Debra J Zeitlin

Clinical Director

Karina Nagin

Executive Director

Nachum Lehman

Founder & Technical Director

Abygail “Abby” Marx

Associate AAC Specialist

Annie Roche

AAC Specialist

Cat Kanter

Associate AAC Specialist

Eddy Ehrlich

Assistive Technology Specialist

Lane Rials

Associate AAC Specialist

Trinity Deibert

AAC Specialist

Bob Paradiso

Tech Developer

Devorah Krancer


Tracie Hudgins

Operations Manager


Peter Bloom

Board Chair

Yehuda Neuberger

Board Vice Chair

Hilda Applbaum

Board Member

Nomi Bergman

Board Member

Justin Ginsburgh

Board Member

Jeff Chapman

Board Member

We couldn’t have done it without our partners

How to become a Referral Partner

Referral partners are clinics, non-profits and individual professionals (SLPs, OTs) that work with ALS clients on a regular basis, have been approved by Bridging Voice and refer pALS to us for communication support.

If you are interested in becoming a referral partner please fill out this form:

Referral Partner

Help us build communication bridges