Here are games that have been created by Bridging Voice and customized for eye trackers.  We provide all of them free of charge.

Holiday Card Decorator

Bridging Voice has created a special gift for pALS using eye trackers. If you use Tobii Dynavox Communicator 5 you can now make your own holiday card. Download Bridging Voice’s free photo decorating board HERE to get started.


Grid 3 Games

This is a set of three games which work in Grid 3, Hangman, Word Scramble and Math game. In order for these games to work, you need to download the Gridset and also a game helper program. The helper program should be placed in a folder called Bridging Voice in the Documents folder of the target device.

Download Download Helper Program

Block The Punt

This special edition game was made in honor of Steve Gleason’s birthday.  The word guessing game uses all football/Gleason themed words.  When the user guesses a correct letter it gets Steve closer to “blocking the punt”.  This is a recreation of Gleason’s famous block in a 2006 game, which became a symbol of recovery in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  The game works with Tobii Communicator 5.



A screenshot of the Anagram game

Bridging Voice Anagrams gives 8 random letters and your goal is to create the most words with the highest score. There’s an internal dictionary which only allows valid words. You can even email your word list to allow for competitions! This game will give hours of entertainment to pALS and their families.



This is a Hangman game with a 5,000 word internal dictionary made for Tobii Communicator 5. It can be set to show the letters in QWERTY or ABC format and has a number of settings to change the level of play.



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