For Practitioners

If you are a practitioner working with ALS patients there are several ways you can benefit from Bridging Voice’s services.

 Below are some of the resources we offer:

How to become a REFERRAL PARTNER

Bridging Voice works with people with ALS (pALS) referred to us through our referral partner network. Referral partners are clinics, non-profits and individual professionals (SLPs, OTs) that work with ALS clients on a regular basis, have been approved by Bridging Voice and refer pALS to us for communication support.

If you are interested in becoming a referral partner please fill out this form:

Referral Partner


Bridging Voice offers free online trainings for practitioners as well as pALS and caregivers who want to learn more about assistive technology, communication and computer access options for pALS.

To get updates on our next training sign up here:

AAC Training Sign Up

Get familiar with our CUSTOMIZATIONS

Bridging Voice is made up of a team of ALS practitioners and computer programmers. We believe that every pALS should be able to communicate. We also know that every case is unique. This has led our team to create many customizations to improve pALS's communication and ensure their ability to connect throughout their ALS journey.

Below are videos that showcase the range of customizations we’ve created. These customizations are available for Communicator 5 as well as Grid 3. We want these customizations to help as many pALS as possible. If you are interested in utilizing any of these customizations for the pALS you work with please fill out the below request form. If you have questions regarding our customizations email [email protected]

Request Customization