Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Steve Gleason, Founder of Team Gleason. Bridging Voice is proud to be a partner of Team Gleason


Steve Gleason was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to honor his work as an advocate and policy change-maker for people with ALS. The Congressional Gold Medal is considered the highest civil honor and awarded by the U.S. Congress.

The Steve Gleason Act of 2015 amended title XVII of the Social Security Act to allow individuals with ALS, as well as any others who have demonstrated a need, access and coverage to key communication technology (speech generating devices and eye trackers as an accessory) under Medicare.

Team Gleason was founded by Steve Gleason with the aim to research, advocate and support people with ALS through providing them with technology, equipment, training, and meaningful life experiences.

Bridging Voice is honored to call Team Gleason a partner. Team Gleason provides critical technology, equipment and subsequent training for people with ALS to be able to communicate and access their computers. Bridging Voice has partnered with Team Gleason to provide additional assistance, training, customizations and technical support to their pALS partners. Together, we are breaking the technological barriers between assistive technology and people with ALS.