Wife of Sal (Diagnosed with ALS in 2016)

Debra Zeitlin and Bridging Voice came into Sal’s life and our lives just as the hopelessness, despair, anguish, and disconnect were at their peaks. They were all Sal had left.  Debra received our urgent email call for help and replied within minutes.

Sal was diagnosed with bulbar onset ALS 3 years prior.  His voice was through text messaging.  His physical ability to text had abruptly stopped.  We were desperate to have a speech evaluation in order to receive a speech device compatible with his ability.  We were frantic when our resources informed us that this evaluation could take months to schedule…Sal was devastated.

Then, things changed when Debra and Bridging Voice were able to schedule an evaluation within days.  She saw his immediate need for help.  She saw it in his eyes and heard it in his crying.  She never gave up on him.  Her patience, compassion, understanding and determination are what is giving Sal a voice once again.  She left him with an interim letter board which has showed Sal that he still does have a voice and has given all of those around him the ability to communicate with him without frustration.

Within 1 week of the evaluation, a compatible loaner eyegaze machine was located and shipped out….It was amazing….It was delivered along with a stand and we will work with Bridging Voice to once again hear all Sal has to say.

Bridging Voice, you have given all of us the gift of speech again.  Through the dedication and experience of those at Bridging Voice, Sal Meringolo will NOT be silenced by ALS.  We are humbled and so grateful.

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